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How to Use Glass Reactor in Normal Operation?

The glass reactor is mainly based on the characteristics of its double-layer glass. We can place the reaction material (also called reaction solvent) in the middle layer, and react by stirring under normal pressure or negative pressure. The glass reactor is filled with a constant temperature (high temperature or low temperature) hot solution or cooling liquid through the inter-layer of the double-layer reactor, heating or cooling the materials in the reactor at a constant temperature, and can provide stirring. In this way, the medium in the inter-layer of the glass reactor (such as: refrigerating liquid, heating water or heating oil) is stirred to perform a cyclic reaction to achieve heating or cooling. It is widely used as an ideal equipment in modern biochemical new material synthesis experiments.

What should be paid attention to during the normal operation of the glass reactor?

First, pay attention to the relevant inspection of the power supply voltage used, and it must be consistent with the specifications provided on the machine nameplate, otherwise there will be problems with use. After plugging in the power plug, you must turn on the power switch on the inverter at this time. As for its speed, you can use the speed control button to determine the speed. 

Second, during operation, when the flow of materials or the speed of the motor gathers at a certain point, there will be resonance. At this time, pay attention to changing the speed of the motor to avoid the continued occurrence of resonance. To avoid such a situation, make sure not to leave the operator's control when using it.  

Third, after the stirring rod is installed, it must be rotated by hand before use. At this time, the concentricity should be observed. If there is a problem with the concentricity, the heavy clamp should be loosened and clamped upright, and then turn on the power.

At last, in the process of using, pay attention to the sealing of the kettle. If the sealing performance is gradually decreasing, check the rotating bearing in the agitator. Of course, in the process of use, there may be some temporary use problems. At this time, it must be shut down and checked in time.


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