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DLSB Cryogenic Coolant Circulating Pump Possible Faults and Troubleshooting




1. Turn on the power switch, the circulating pump does not work.

A. The power plug is not plugged in

B. No electricity at the power outlet

C. Power grid outage

D. Fuse blown

A. Plug in the power plug

B. Check the socket

C. Wait for power supply

D. Replace the fuse

2. Turn on the stirring knob, the stir bar does not rotate.

A. Open size

B. The stir bar is stuck

C. The mixing motor is broken

D. If the temperature exceeds 80℃,

the magnet will lose its magnetism

A. Increase the motor rotation speed

B. Put the stir bar in the proper position again

C. Replace the motor

D. Control the temperature below 40℃

3. The meter display of the circulating pump is abnormal.

A. Loose connection

B. The platinum resistance is open

or shorted

C. Instrumentation barriers

A. Check the connection

B. Replace platinum resistance

C. Check and repair the instrument

4. The indicator numbers flash randomly.

A. Power interference is large

B. Instrument failure

A. Remove interference and use stabilized voltage source

B. Repair the instrument

5. The circulating pump does not heat up.

A. Setting too low

B. Contactor is broken

C. Bad heater

D. Instrument failure

E. Loose wiring

A. Set to the required value

B. Change the contactor

C. Replace the heater

D. Repair the instrument

E. Check connection

6. Keep heating without temperature control.

A. The setting is too high

B. Instrument failure

A. Set to the required value

B. Check and repair the instrument

7. The circulating pump housing is live.

A. Poor protective grounding

B. Other lines fall off

C. Heater insulation performance

is uncertain

A. Connect the protective grounding wire

B. Check the line

C. Change the heater

8. The circulating pump is not cooling.

A. No cooling switch

B. The condensing fan is not rotating

C. The compressor does not start

D. Freon leak

A. Turn on the cooling switch

B. Replace the fan

C. Check wiring and compressor

D. Repair welding and flushing fluorine after leak detection, and retry the machine

9. It can cool, but cool slowly.

A. Fluoride leakage

B. The condensing fan is not running

C. Magnetic stirring is not running

D. The capillary or pipe is blocked

A. Turn on the cooling switch

B. Replace the fan

C. Check wiring and compressor

D. Exhaust high-pressure nitrogen, vacuumize again after inspection, and test machine with fluorine

10. Mechanical stirring does not work.

A. Damage to the transformer

rectifier system

B. Motor damage

A. Check and replace damaged components

B. Change the motor


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