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Advantages of Double-layer Glass Reactor

The inner layer of double-layer glass reactor is a container to place the reaction materials, and it has the functions of vacuuming and speed-adjusting stirring. The interlayer can introduce freezing liquid, water or high-temperature liquid to heat and cool for the reaction. It is widely used in experiments, pilot trials and production of fine chemicals, biopharmaceuticals, and synthesis of new materials.

Double-layer glass reactor has several advantages:

I. Double-layer glass reactor is well connected with laboratory instruments

For the production equipment of the factory, scientific researchers have few opportunities to understand and participate, so they cannot make the best use of their equipment advantages in a short time. When equipment personnel meet the requirements of technical personnel, it is easy to cause insufficient matching. The glass reactor can be well connected with the laboratory instruments, allowing scientific researchers to enter the experimental pilot scale-up test relatively easily.

The composition of the kettle bladder and the kettle cover is the laboratory reaction flask. The condenser, mechanical stirring, constant pressure or common dropping funnel, and thermometer are all accessories. The volume is larger than that of the laboratory, and the assembly method is the same as that of the laboratory. Researchers can choose accessories according to the laboratory device mode to form a pilot experimental device.

II. The performance of double-layer glass reactor is equivalent to that of laboratory glass instruments

Double-layer glass reactor is made of high borosilicate glass, which has excellent physical properties and stable chemical properties. The operation is relatively stable during frequency conversion speed stirring, and even if the torque is large, no electric spark will be generated. Working temperature range is -80 ℃ to 300 ℃, and it can work under normal and vacuum conditions.

The PTFE sealing parts are the same as those used in the laboratory. The temperature sensor probe has the advantages of high temperature, small error and stable working state. The overall performance of double-layer glass reactor is better and the applications are more extensive.

III. The economic cost of double-layer glass reactor is low

For large-scale enterprises that have relevant supporting facilities, the cost to carry out pilot scale-up tests is relatively low, while for enterprises that have no relevant supporting facilities and whose products are in the research and development stage, The high cost of the pilot scale-up test is indeed a lot of money. Compared with a reactor with the same volume, the price of a double-layer glass reactor is 1/3-1/2 of that of a stainless steel reactor.

IV. There are many accessories for double-layer glass reactor, which can be combined and matched at will

Most of the accessories for double-layer glass reactor are glass products. This can bring convenience to specific pilot scale-up experiments. According to the specific reaction requirements, different reaction accessories are configured to meet the different needs of the test, which also expands the scope of use of the same double-layer glass reactor.

According to the test temperature requirements, it can be equipped with a circulating refrigerator or a circulating heater. Depending on the method, a normal pressure or constant pressure dropping funnel can be chosen. Based on the amount of addition, 1L, 2L or larger volume can be selected.

The selection of experimental equipment needs to be based on specific experimental requirements to meet the actual specific requirements of the experiment. Not only must the use of the instrument be considered, but also the safety and stability of the instrument.


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