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How much do you know about vacuum filters?

The vacuum filter uses the sobbing of a vacuum pump to filter. The material of the vacuum suction filter is corrosion-resistant: the materials used are 304, 316 and 202; and the thickened glass bottle, the glass bottle and the stainless steel funnel are sealed with PTFE. The vacuum suction filter is widely used in the pharmaceutical, petroleum and chemical industries. , Electric power metallurgy, mining, agriculture, occupy an important position in the national economy, and are welcomed by the majority of laboratory users. The vacuum filter will have a good prospect in the future development of research projects in chemical and pharmaceutical research projects.

As a kind of advanced laboratory filtration equipment, vacuum suction filter is accepted by more and more chemical, pharmaceutical and scientific research units and used in laboratories. Especially in recent years, my country’s economy has developed rapidly, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries have innovated, and more and more units use vacuum suction filters. Our vacuum suction filters have been rapidly promoted. How to make all parts of the vacuum suction filters in use? What about cleaning?

1. Check the stainless steel funnel frequently, clean up the attached dirt in time, find and eliminate the trend of local pollution in time.

2. Frequently check the fasteners connecting the stainless steel funnel and the suction filter bottle, and tighten them in time if they are loose. If welding cracks or deformation of components occur, contact the technicians for maintenance in time, and clean the surface dirt after the operation to prevent corrosion.

3. Remove the sundries on the outside of the suction filter bottle below and in the bottle in time, pay attention to protective measures to prevent collisions and cause unnecessary damage, and do a good job of protection after operation.

4. The circulating water vacuum pump connected to the vacuum filter should be turned off in time after operation, otherwise the internal parts will be damaged. So as not to cause damage to the chassis.

When choosing a vacuum filter, its comprehensiveness should be considered. Specifically, there are the following aspects:

1. It must meet the requirements of customers, and always keep running in the high-efficiency interval, which saves power and is not easy to damage the parts.

2. The selected vacuum filter should not only be small in size, light in weight, low in cost, but also have good characteristics and high efficiency.

3. It has good corrosion resistance, stable operation and long life. The funnel is replaced by stainless steel cloth, the glass is made of GG17 high-quality borosilicate material, all stainless steel frame structure, glass or PTFE discharge valve, middle composite seal, can withstand various solvents.

Installation process of vacuum filter:

1. Open the wooden box, first take out the stainless steel shelf, install the four casters, and erect the main shelf, paying attention to the parallelism between the ground and the four casters;

2. Install the glass suction filter bottle, clamp the upper mouth of the suction filter bottle with a flange, insert the tube under the stainless steel funnel into the suction filter bottle, and then fasten the screws around the flange;

3. Check that the stainless steel funnel and the suction filter bottle are not connected, and fix the discharge valve under the suction filter bottle with the lower discharge port;

4. Use a latex tube to insert one end into the suction port of the suction filter bottle, and the other end into the suction port of the circulating water vacuum pump.


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