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Safety Settings for Double Layer Glass Reactor

Regarding the correct use of jacketed glass reactor, we need to pay attention not only to the operation method and maintenance, but also to the installation location and safety settings during use, which have a greater impact on the service life of the equipment.

 jacketed glass reactor

Safety settings for double-layer glass reactor:

Because of the large reaction volume of double-layer glass reactor, the solvent concentration in the surrounding air will be relatively large during use, so a gas alarm should be installed, and no experimental solvents or other sundries should be stacked around the instrument storage place so as to ensure the safe passages unblocked.

 double layer glass reactor

When conducting special experiments, the explosion-proof double glass reactor can be chosen. Compared with the ordinary double layer glass reactor, it has the explosion-proof stirring motor, power switch and power controller, which can adapt to more dangerous and complex experimental environment.

 single layer glass reactor

The equipment storage place must be equipped with fire-fighting tools, and the operators are required to know how to use fire-fighting tools, so that they can respond as soon as an accident occurs so as to minimize losses.


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