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How to Use Jacketed Glass Reactor Properly

The jacketed glass reactor is characterized by variable frequency speed regulation, AC induction motor, constant speed, brushless, sparkless, safe and stable, which can work continuously. The whole set of glass equipment is made of GG17 high borosilicate glass, which has good chemical and physical properties. The hot oil through the glass interlayer interface can be circulated for heating reaction, and the freezing liquid can be used for low-temperature reaction. It can react at room temperature, and the reflected heat can be quickly taken away by tap water.

glass reactor 100l 

The following points should be paid attention to during operation of double-layer glass reactor:

1. This equipment is a fragile product and should be handled with care in use.

2. Check it carefully before use to see whether the glass bottle is damaged, whether the interfaces are consistent, and handle with care.

3. The PTFE switches should not be tightened too hard, as it is easy to damage the glass.

4. Turn on the power switch first, and then let the machine run from slow to fast. When shutdown, make the machine stop, and then turn off the switch.

5. The connectors should not be screwed too tightly, and should be loosened regularly to avoid long-term tight locks that may cause the connectors to be stuck.

6. Unscrew each PTFE switch after stopping the machine, because the PTFE piston will be deformed if it is still in the working state for a long time.

 glass reaction kettle

7. Do not let water into the electrical part, and it is strictly forbidden to be damp.

8. When doing any repair or inspection on the machine, be sure to cut off the power supply and water source first.

9. After each use, use a soft cloth to wipe off all kinds of oil stains, stains, and solvent residues left on the surface of the machine, and keep it clean.

10. Wipe each interface with a soft cloth, and then apply a little vacuum grease.

11. Regularly clean the sealing ring to keep the shaft and the sealing ring lubricated.

12. It is recommended that lab double layer glass reactor be sent back to the manufacturer for maintenance after three years of use.

glass reactor lab


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