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Sealing of glass reactors

The glass reactor is mainly used for material distillation, synthesis, concentration and other experiments. It is an ideal equipment for teaching, experiment, production and pilot test. The sealing of glass reactors includes packing seals and mechanical seals, and if they are not tightly sealed,it will cause seal leakage.

lab jacketed glass reactor 

Causes and solutions of laboratory glass reactor seal leakage:

I. The packing seal of glass reactor

1. The stirring shaft is worn or corroded at the filler, resulting in excessive clearance; replace or repair the stirring shaft, and process it on the machine tool to ensure the roughness;

2. The position of the oil ring is improper or the oil circuit is blocked and the oil seal cannot be formed; adjust the position of the oil ring and clean the oil circuit;

3. The gland is not pressed tightly, and the quality of the packing is poor, or it has been used for a long time; press the packing tight, or replace the packing;

4. Corrosion of stuffing box; repair or replace.

 glass reactor with heating

II.The mechanical seal of chemical glass reactor

1. The end face of the dynamic and static ring is deformed and bruised; replace the friction pair or re-grind;

2. The specific pressure of the end face is too large, and the friction pair will produce thermal deformation; adjust the specific pressure to be appropriate, strengthen the cooling system to take away the heat in time;

3. The material of sealing ring is not selected correctly, and the pressing force is not enough; the material selection and the installation of sealing ring must be reasonable, and enough pressing force is required;

4. The operating pressure and temperature are unstable, and hard particles enter the friction pair; strictly control the process indicators, and particles and crystals cannot enter the friction pair;

5. The amount of shaft stringing exceeds the index; adjust and overhaul to make the amount of shaft stringing reach the standard.

small glass reactor


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