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How to improve efficiency of jacketed glass reactor

Glass reactor is widely used in modern fine chemicals, biopharmaceuticals, scientific research experiments and other industries. It can be used for concentration, distillation, back distillation, separation, purification and other processes under the conditions of constant speed, force and temperature, which is an ideal equipment for teaching, experiment, pilot test and production.

 glass reactor vessel

How to improve the working efficiency of jacketed glass reactor

1. Thermal insulation

When used in high-temperature and ultra-low temperature reactions, due to the small thickness of the interlayer in the middle of the jacketed glass reactor, the thermal insulation performance is weak, so thermal insulation materials must be used to insulate and protect the kettle body, so as to ensure good insulation effect.

2. Storage location

As a reaction scale-up test equipment, the volume of jacket glass reactor is generally 50-100L, and the volume can be customized in special cases. The kettle body is made of glass, and the support frame is stainless steel with universal wheels, so the storage location must be carefully selected. It is better to choose a flat area for storage.

 glass reactor price

3. Temperature control medium

Generally, temperature control media with different properties are selected as the heat transmission media for the reaction according to the required reaction temperature: ice ethanol bath for low temperature, water bath for normal temperature, and oil bath for high temperature. When used for ultra-low temperature or high temperature, select suitable materials, and the key is viscosity.

4. Feeding

The double-layer glass reactor is an independent reaction equipment. It is recommended to prepare the solid reagent into a solution and add it to the kettle. The liquid reagent can be pumped into the kettle through a matching water pump or oil pump.


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