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Tips for single-layer glass reactor installation

The sealing selection of the single-layer glass reactor at the junction is particularly important for the sealing effect, safe use, cost saving, etc. It is mainly used to mix dairy products, sugar and other elements and various medicines, which is the equipment widely  used by production enterprises such as dairy products, beverages, and pharmaceuticals.

 glass reactor price

Tips for single layer glass reactor installation:

1. Equipment environment

The glass reactor should be placed in a high-pressure operating room that meets explosion-proof requirements. When there are multiple devices, they should be placed separately. The two groups should be separated by a strong explosion-proof high wall, and each operating room should be equipped with an exit or passage leading directly to the outside.

2. Application of valve

The needle valve adopts line seal, which can prevent excessive force and damage to the sealing surface through good sealing effect.

3. Kettle cover device and sealing

The kettle body and the kettle cover adopt the sealing method of conical surface and arc surface line contact, and the main bolts are tightened to make them close to each other, achieving good sealing effect.

 glass reactor vessel

4. Fixed contact inspection

Check whether the movable parts and fixed contacts on the panel and rear panel are normal, pull down the upper cover, and check whether the connector contacts are loose, damaged or corroded due to improper transportation and storage.

5. Connection of positive and negative nuts

Only the positive and negative nuts can rotate correctly at the connection of the positive and negative nuts, and the arc surfaces on both sides must not be reversed relative to each other.

6. Reactor controller

The controller of glass reaction kettle should be placed on the operating platform. The working environment temperature is 10-40°C, and the relative humidity is less than 85%. The surrounding medium must not contain conductive dust and corrosive gas.

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