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The pressure that glass reactor can withstand

Glass reactor is a commonly used biochemical instrument, which is widely used in modern fine chemical industry, biopharmaceutical, scientific research experiment and other fields. It is an ideal equipment for teaching, experiment, pilot test and production. Glass reactors can generally be divided into two types, jacketed glass reactors and single layer glass reactors.

 high pressure glass reactor

The glass reactor can withstand a certain high pressure, but it needs to determine its pressure limit according to the specific model and design. Generally speaking, most glass reactors can withstand a pressure of 1 to 2 atmospheres, but this range does not apply to all glass reactors.

 high temperature double layer glass reactor

When selecting a laboratory glass reactor, it is necessary to take into account the volume and shape of the reactor required for the experiment, and also ensure that it matches the maximum operating pressure of the reaction system. It needs to be clear that glass is very brittle, and there is a risk of explosion for glass reactors exceeding its limit pressure, and it must be used strictly according to the design pressure during operation. For high-pressure experiments, stainless steel reactors or others made of tougher material are usually used to achieve higher operating pressure.

glass reactor kettle


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