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How to clean glass reactor

Glass reactor is the most commonly used type of reactors. It has the characteristics of no pollution, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, hygiene, and fast heating speed. There are usually single-layer glass reactors, jacketed glass reactors and triple-layer glass reactors.

glass reactor vessel 

There are two methods for cleaning glass reactor: physical method and chemical method. Among them, physical cleaning refers to the use of high-pressure cleaning devices to wash away dirt with high-pressure water of 150-200 MPa through the nozzle. This method is common in practical applications and is a commonly-used method for glass reactor cleaning. The disadvantage is that the cleaning effect is not ideal depending on the composition of the dirt and time.

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Chemical cleaning refers to the use of chemical solvents that can react with the dirt. This cleaning method of lab glass reactor has obvious effects, but the disadvantage is that the operation is complicated. It is required to clarify the components of the dirt on the equipment, and then sample it for analysis, do experiments, and then see if it will react with the equipment through a certain detergent before further operation.


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