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How to use high temperature circulating oil bath

The high-temperature circulating oil bath is used together with jacketed glass reactor, stainless steel reactor and other jacketed reaction equipment. The pipeline from the outlet valve of the oil bath is connected to the liquid inlet below the reactor kettle, and the circulating liquid returns to the oil bath inlet through the pipeline from the liquid outlet above the kettle, forming a complete circulation space.

glass reactor with oil bath 

Precautions for using high-temperature circulating oil bath:

1. To ensure safety, please connect the ground wire when using the oil bath.

2. Dry burning without oil is strictly prohibited.

3. When it is not running, the power supply should be cut off to avoid accidents.

4. In order to improve the quality of use, please use 320 high temperature heat transfer oil.

5. Maintain the specified oil level during use and change the oil regularly. When changing the oil, drain out all the old oil, flush the interior with new oil, and then add new oil. During use, prevent impurities from entering to avoid affecting the quality of the oil.

oil bath price 

The high-temperature circulating oil bath sets the required temperature through the temperature control meter. The heating tube heats the heat medium in the pot, and transports the heat medium in the pot to the inter-layers of supporting equipment through the built-in circulation pump and external circulation pipeline, indirectly heating the materials in the reactors.


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