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How to cool down the glass reactor

Nowadays, many fields use glass reactors as reaction vessels, which can perform concentration, distillation, reflux, separation, purification reactions and other processes under constant speed, constant force and constant temperature conditions. It is an ideal instrument for teaching, experiments, pilot tests and production.

double layer glass reactor 

During use, the cooling of the glass reactor needs to be strictly operated in accordance with the cooling method specified for the reactor. Inadequate operation during cooling will have adverse effects on the equipment, so special attention is required. At present, common cooling methods for reactors include water-cooling and oil-cooling, etc. Each cooling method has a corresponding working principle. Therefore, the cooling method required by the manufacturer must be used for cooling, and rapid cooling cannot be blindly selected.

singel layer glass reactor 

Either for a single-layer glass reactor or a jacketed glass reactor, there are many points worth noting about the cooling. No matter what cooling method we use, we must pay attention to the cooling speed. The reactor itself is a pressure device. It is actually in a special environment, and rapid cooling can easily cause cracks. In this way, the physical temperature difference stress will seriously damage the reactor.


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