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Requirements of glass reactor for reaction materials

The glass reactor stirs and reacts under normal or negative pressure in a sealed container under set constant temperature conditions, and can control the evaporation and reflux of the reaction solution. It is an ideal pilot and production equipment for modern fine chemical plants, biopharmaceuticals and new material synthesis.

glass reaction kettle 

In the design of single-layer glass reactor and jacketed glass reactor, reaction materials should also be considered. The requirements for reaction materials during the reaction are as follows:

1. Compatible or incompatible liquids. Mixing of liquids is easily achieved by stirring or mechanical mixing, and heat transfer of the reaction mixture is by convection.

2. Heterogeneous mixing of liquid and solid reactants of appropriate particle size. In this case it is not possible to mix these materials completely with the help of a mixer. Once the mixing force disappears, the solid material will settle to the bottom of the kettle to form a non-thermal conductive material layer and the following phenomena will occur: the solid reactants are carbonized, the color of the mixture becomes darker, the carbonized material is wasted, heat energy and time are wasted, the polymerization reaction is uneven and the polymer composition is uneven, as well as impact on the ecological environment due to waste of materials and energy.

 50l glass reactor

In order to avoid the above problems, the reaction materials can be added multiple times in two steps:

a) First, add the liquid reaction materials to the reactor and heat the medium temperature to slightly higher than the reaction temperature or the melting point of the solid reactants.

b) Slowly add the solid reactant while stirring continuously to make it to react or dissolve continuously to avoid precipitation. However, this speed cannot be maintained accurately, and sometimes precipitation and coking may occur. And it takes a long time to complete the reaction.


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